Studio Design

Corin's background as a designer and carpenter combined with his knowledge of studio technologies and acoustics led to a natural progression of designing, building or consulting on a number of recording studios over the years in a range of sizes. All of these were musicians who wanted to record at home and wanted to achieve a high quality situation without the expense of a large recording studio. There is no substitute for hands-on experience as a designer. Corin has gotten his hands dirty with every phase of studio design and can anticipate the specific needs of the artist.

With the cost of high quality recording equipment coming down, and album budgets getting smaller, it is very tempting to record at home. There are many advantages to this, but one must be aware of all of the other elements that make a Studio recording sound great- acoustics, power management, cabling, noise control and the right gear for the instrument being recorded. Recording at home is not for everyone and building a home studio of any size is a commitment. Let Corin walk you through the process and determine if it is right for you.

Stay tuned here for some specific Case Studies and pictures from studios Corin has worked on.

Please contact him directly for a consultation on your project.